Safe and Simple Climbing for Schools & Colleges

The Freedom Climber is a perfect piece of fitness equipment for Schools & Colleges to get kids active and have fun.


It’s a safe, low level, rotating climbing wall that students and pupils of all ages will love to use to climb and traverse and increase their activity and fitness levels. The unique disc movement requires lateral movement as well as vertical movement to create an engaging and challenging experience that simple vertical climbers cannot match. Two children can climb as a pair to create a great understanding of balance and opposite forces. The Freedom Climber comes with a full programme of challenges and games to create an exiting addition to any PE lesson.

The National Curriculum encourages activities where children solve problems and overcome challenges of an adventurous nature. The Freedom Climber is an exciting and engaging answer to increasing your pupil’s activity levels to achieve the recommended five hours of physical activity a week. Making exercise fun and getting students enthusiastic about PE with an exciting new climbing system.

Offer climbing without the normal space and health and safety requirements with this unique wall mounted system that fits to most gyms and sports hall walls. Promotes:

• Confidence building and self esteem

• Problem solving as individuals or as pairs

• Strength building

• Core and stabilising muscle development

• Eye-hand coordination

• Flexibility and balance Suitable for all ages, weight and abilities. Easily adjusts to create 10 degrees of difficulty.

Programming modules and cross curricular applications available, such as The Higher Ground programme and the Everest Challenge. Schools Package Includes multi colour hand holds for climbing difficulty and visual appealSafety floor matting for concrete and wood floors Premium Traverse Climbing Wall Panels Rubber coated treverse panels provide an attractive addition to the Freedom Climber. Grippy and non-abrasive, soft to the touch provide an ideal climbing surface for schools sports hall usage.

Digital Display Option Records up to 3 student’s activity, Feet Climbed, Calories burned and Time Sports hall padded cover option Removable padded cover provides protection for pupils during sport hall activities when not in use and folds down when in use to act as safety flooring.