EveryoneActive install Freedom Climber in functional zone


EveryoneActive at Fareham Leisure Centre were looking for innovative ideas for their new and creative gym refurbishment. The mission:  to take their already successful centre to another level and fend off competition.  The project was to increase membership by focusing on the non- tradition fitness member and attracting new members who wanted more than the ‘standard gym’ format, as well as investing in the community with new activities for kids and families.

Led by Neil King, Commercial Director and supported by Ian Cooke, Area Contracts Manager, a  keen extreme sportsman,  EveryoneActive set out to  add zones of outdoor style activities within the  gym refurbishment, such as mountain biking, climbing and martial arts. ‘We saw our main competition as the trend for people to pursue outdoor activities’ says Cooke,  ‘ People who wanted more than the traditional exercise equipment’. We decided to ‘Bring the outdoors…indoors’ and create zones within the gym where members could combine their fitness regime with the activity experience’.

Climbing has always been a fantastic total body and core workout but previous systems needed space and supervision. The gym had a spare wall in the stretch/ functional  area which needed to be utilised and the team at Freedom Climber provided the perfect solution by creating a themed ‘Climb Zone’ with funky graphics. It fits perfectly on the spare wall and takes up minimal floor space,  and it’s hydraulic system is virtually maintenance free.  The revolutionary system is simple and safe for members to use unsupervised.  The digital display with distance, time and calories enables member climbing challenges and can be incorporated into personal programmes. A 4 minute climbing session provides a great functional exercise which also gets the heart rate up.

Training on the physiological benefits of climbing and simply climbing technique was enthusiastically received by the instructors and the sales team, which is already resulting in positive feedback .  Membership sales have increased,  proving that a creative and innovative approach to gym design can create something special for the existing members and also win the battle for new members.