How The Freedom Climber Works

Wall Mounted – Non-powered – Space saving – Low Level – Safe to use

The climbing surface is a 90inch disc with 36 adjustable hand holds, which rotates clockwise or anti-clockwise. The action of the climber and gravity causes the rotation. The speed of rotation can be adjusted and is controlled and held constant, regardless of the climber’s weight by a patented hydraulic mechanism ensuring success for adults and children of all abilities.

The speed is easily set to the climber’s weight, ability and degree of difficulty required, using a simple control. The speed can be set anywhere from a slower, easy climb to a rapid, challenging climb.

Importantly, the climber maintains a safe distance from the floor at all times! As the climber attempts to climb, the climbing surface rotates down keeping the user in the same location. When the climber stops or gets off the Freedom Climber automatically stops.

The climber can move from one side to the other across the climbing surface to obtain a balanced total body workout.

The Freedom Climber mounts to most walls and does not require power, high ceiling heights and is virtually maintenance free. It is silent and smooth in operation.

Freedom Climber – How it Works


Climbing Surface

The climbing surface consists of tough recycled rubber which is both hard wearing and easy to maintain. It has a soft to touch feel and is both non abrasive and grippy, ideal for climbers of all ages and abilities. It is available in a wide range of colours to match the facilities colour scheme.

Hand Holds colours

The Freedom Climber comes with a choice of hand hold colours. Single colour Grey for a ‘cool’ adult look or the ‘Kids package’ with multi colour hand holds for an exciting visual attraction. Hand holds are interchangeable and can be moved to create routes and variations on a regular basis.

Digital Display Option

digital-display-unitThe digital counter option enables workouts to be recorded and challenges to be created.It records time, distance and calories burned for up to three users. It can be used for continuous totaling for an unlimited number of sets. Our Climbing Challenge programme is perfect for motivating adults and kids alike.Individuals workout programmes can be set using the digital display like any other piece of cardiovascular equipment for a super efficient total body workout.


Depth ……………………..   203mm

Width ……………………… 2794mm

Height with top trim ……. 2590mm

Height without top trim … 2388mm

Surface ………………………….. 4mm soft touch, non abrasive rubber

Control System …………… Variable resistance dial system that controls the speed of rotation of the climbing disc, for all ages and abilities

Construction ………………. Tough industrial grade mechanism with commercial hydraulic damping system, encased in high grade plywood framework for durable and trouble free operation.

Installs easily to most load bearing and partitioned walls. Full site survey carried out.


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