Safe and Simple Climbing for Schools & Colleges




The Freedom Climber is the perfect climbing wall for kids that coincides with existing fitness equipment in Schools & Colleges.

The National Curriculum encourages students to overcome adventurous challenges; The Freedom Climber can provide schools with a unique solution.

Children across the UK have been benefiting from their schools’ and club’s Freedom Climber installations, by developing their physical skills alongside their understanding of movement and forces. Children can climb in pairs making it a fun way to socialise whilst creating an exciting addition to PE lessons, with a full programme of challenges and games such as the Higher Ground programme and the Everest Challenge.


  “it’s not often a new concept captivates young people and inspires them to take up a new activity but the Freedom Climber has done just that”

Neil Moir, Director of Sports, Basildon Academy, Essex


The Freedom Climber creates a safe, low-level and challenging answer to increasing students’ activity levels to achieve the recommended 5 hours of physical activity a week. The optional digital display records up to 3 students’ activity: feet climbed, calories burned and time.



Sports halls can be revived with the Freedom Climber, alongside the Schools Package: multi-coloured hand holds, safety floor matting and premium traverse climbing panels with rubber coating for grip and to avoid abrasion. An optional padded cover can be added to protect from usual sporting activities.