Shapinsay Community School, Orkney

March 2019 saw the completion of the Freedom Climber’s installation into Shapinsay Community School in the heart of Orkney, Scotland. As part of a Sports Scotland Gold School Sport Award, the school’s sports hall was revitalised into a climbing zone for not only its students, but the local community.


Shapinsay’s new climbing zone featuring the Freedom Climber



With a central freedom climber surrounded by a 10 metre traverse panel, Shapinsay Primary’s old climbing bars have been replaced, creating a functional and popular climbing centre. Previously, pupils have been making trips to the mainland for climbing trips, but by installing their own wall, budding climbers like Year 10’s Sean Dunnett can develop their skills in their own time. We wish Sean the best of luck as he prepares for the 2019 Scottish Youth Selection Championships this month.

“It has been a great success. The children use it as part of their PE lessons, but more importantly the Community are using it too, forming a climbing club”

Emma Clements, Headmistress

Shapinsay Community School