The Revolutionary Rotating Climbing Wall

Looking for a unique climbing wall, tailored to your space and fitness needs?

The Freedom Climber is a revolutionary rotating climbing wall trainer that creates a realistic indoor rock climbing experience. The Freedom Climber provides all the physiological benefits of continuous climbing in a low-level space-efficient environment, avoiding height-related safety requirements.  


With its unique wall mounted design, the Freedom Climber uses minimal floor space and requires no supervision or electricity –  perfect for all types of educational, leisure and recreational facilities.


“we were seeking a new product that would launch our club ahead of the local competition. Freedom Climber was our answer, encompassing fun, functional training and practical application”

Kris Dowding, Fitness Team Manager,

Newport International Sports Village

To enable the best climbing workout, the Freedom Climber is designed to exercise both the upper body and lower body, as well as developing key fitness areas for all ages and abilities. TRX and resistance bands can be integrated to create a fitness station for countless functional training classes, to be used alongside the Freedom Climber’s own climbing challenges.

   We were born to climb. Reach new heights with Freedom Climber.